3rd Party License list requires clarification

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+++ b/content/en_licenses.php
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- * Copyright (c) 2017, 2018 Eclipse Foundation and others.
+ * Copyright (c) 2017, 2022 Eclipse Foundation and others.
  * This program and the accompanying materials are made
  * available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0
  * which is available at https://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-2.0/
  * Contributors:
+ *   Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
  *   Eric Poirier (Eclipse Foundation)
  * SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0
@@ -17,13 +18,17 @@
     <h1><?php echo $pageTitle; ?></h1>
     <p>Updated <?php print $App->getFormattedDate($modified); ?></p>
     <h3 id="approved">Approved Licenses</h3>
-    <p>
-      The following is a list of the most common licenses approved for use by
-      third party code redistributed by Eclipse Foundation Projects. This list
-      is not exhaustive. Should you have a query on a specific license not
-      listed here, please contact <a href="license@eclipse.org">license@eclipse.org</a>.
-    </p>
-    <?php dumpLicenseList($licenseFile); ?>
+		<p>
+			This approved license list enumerates the licenses that the Eclipse
+			Foundation has approved for third-party content used by its projects.
+			Inclusion in this list does not imply that the Eclipse Foundation has
+			determined that every one of these licenses can be used by your
+			Eclipse Foundation project. That is, <em>the licenses on this list are
+			not necessarily compatible with every Eclipse Foundation project
+			license, or with each other</em>. If you have any questions about this
+			list or its use, please contact <a href="license@eclipse.org">license@eclipse.org</a>.
+		</p>
+		<?php dumpLicenseList($licenseFile); ?>
     <h3 id="nonapproved">Non Approved Licenses</h3>
       <li>GNU General Public License (GPL)</li>