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<title>Eclipse Foundation Contributor&rsquo;s Certificate of Origin</title>
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<h1>Eclipse Foundation Contributor&rsquo;s Certificate of Origin</h1>
<p>Version 1.0.0&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;June 17, 2013</p>
<p>By making and signing &#40;by using the git signed-off-by mechanism or any other signing mechanism which may be specified by
the Eclipse Foundation from time to time&#41; a contribution to an Eclipse project, I certify that:
<li>I have authored 100% of the contribution.</li>
<li>I have the necessary rights to submit this contribution, including any necessary permissions from my employer.</li>
<li>I am providing this contribution under the license&#40;s&#41; associated with the Eclipse Foundation project I am contributing to.</li>
<li>I understand and agree that Eclipse projects and my contributions are public, and that a record of the contribution
&#40;including all personal information I submit with it, including my sign-off&#41; is maintained indefinitely and may be
redistributed consistent with the license&#40;s&#41; involved.</li>