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<p>You must login to the <a href="">Eclipse Foundation Portal</a> to access
<a href="">members only content</a>. If you were redirected here,
it means you need to login!</p>
<p> If you are
a committer or company representative of some kind, and already have a portal account - simply go to the
<a href="">Eclipse Foundation Portal Login Page</a> and login. If you have a portal account
but forget your user ID or password, you can <a href="./resetPortalPassword.php">reset your portal password</a>.
<p>If you do not have a Portal Account, you have two options:
<p>If you are a committer or a company representative, delegate, marketing contact or should have some other relationship with the
Eclipse Foundation, please <a href="./resetPortalPassword.php">request a Portal Account</a>.
<p>In any other case, if you work for a member company or are a full-time-equivalent of a member company,
you can login to the <a href="">Eclipse Foundation Portal</a> using an
username and password! Simply <a href="">create a new account</a> -
and your account will automatically be authenticated as a member based on your email address (please
use your work based email account).
<li>Step 1 - <a href="">Create an account</a></li>
<li>Step 2 - Go to the <a href="">Eclipse Foundation Portal</a> login page. </li>
<li>Step 3 - Enter your email address and password</li>
<li>Step 4 - Access the <a href="">members only content</a> page.</li>
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