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The Eclipse Foundation hosts a number of newsgroups, one of which is devoted to recruiting called <a href="">eclipse.employment</a>.
Before you can post to the newsgroup, you will need to
<a href="">get an account</a>
(this is simple and
helps greatly reduce the SPAM on our newsgroups).
Indications from people who recruit on the newsgroup is that they
receive a lot of responses from their posts, but you will also attract quite a bit
of noise/junk emails so be sure to use a temporary email address or alias.
Another popular method of attracting Eclipse talent is if anyone in your company blogs
regularly about Eclipse related stuff in any way, they should do a short blog about
your openings.
Consider running a <a href="">Site targeted Google Adwords campaign</a>
on <a href="">Eclipse Marketplace</a> which hosts
Google ads on the bottom of many pages. We do not have the data to support the eficacy of a campaign on Marketplace, but
it does receive over 10,000 unique visits per business day.
Job aggregators like <a href="">Indeed</a> are also a possibility.
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