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<h1>Eclipse Weather Forecast <a href=""> <img src="/images/rss2.gif"></a></h1>
<p style="font-size8px;">
Archives Last Update: March 9, 2009.</p>
<p>The Eclipse Weather Forecast Archives notes forecast information removed from the
<a href="./Current.php">Current Weather Forecast</a>. Given the expired nature of
information here, links may be break over time.</p>
<p> Please send feedback or suggestions on the weather report to
<a href=""></a>.
<h2>Removed March 1, 2010</h2>
<p><b>Increasing Activity in Mobile.</b>
A <a href="">Mobile Working group</a> launched in December 2008 lead by
Motorola, Nokia and RIM. We are seeing increased activity in the mobile tools space as a result
and anticipate project announcements and activities leading through summer. More information can be found at
<a href="">the Pulsar website</a>.
<h2>Removed July 6, 2009</h2>
<p><b>Increasing Activity in Networking.</b> A <a href="">new project in the network testing space</a>
has invigorated
interest in Eclipse from a number of network equipment providers and tier 1 networking companies.
We hope to see increased project and membership activity in this space through 2009.
<h2>Removed March 9, 2009</h2>
<p><b>Increasing Activity in Finance.</b>
A new <a href="">Financial Platform</a> project has recently been
proposed to create an open source framework for interoperable and extensible financial systems. This project, plus
the success of the Eclipse Banking Days in
<a href="">Frankfurt</a>,
<a href="">New York</a>, and
<a href="">London</a> indicates there will likely be increased
project and membership activity in this industry through 2009.
<p><b>Ganymede 3.4.1 release.</b> The current release of the <a href="">Eclipse Developer
Packages</a> is "Ganymede, SR1" (released September 24, 2008),
and is built on the 3.4.1 Eclipse platform. The current release of
<a href="">equinox</a> is 3.4.1 which is
built based on OSGi Service Platform Release 4.1.</p>
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