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<P><FONT class=indextop>how to join</FONT></P>
<P><STRONG>Add-in Provider Member</STRONG></P></TD>
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<TD vAlign=top align=left bgColor=#0080c0 colSpan=2><B><FONT
face=Arial,Helvetica color=#ffffff>Becoming an Add-in Provider Member of
the Eclipse Foundation</FONT></B></TD></TR>
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<P>The Eclipse Eco-system is a vibrant community of major software
vendors, small innovative software start-ups, leading information and
publishing organizations, education and service providers and
influential research and standards organizations. The community works to
develop the complementary products, services and information, and market
specific solutions (ex. Solution for Linux developers) that have been
critical to the success of the Eclipse Platform. Being a member of this
community allows organizations to benefit from the success of Eclipse
and to participate in the affairs of the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. </P>
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An Add-in
Provider company must have an Eclipse based offering or commit to making
such an offering available within 12 months of joining the Foundation. In
addition, Add-in providers are required to publicly announce their
support for Eclipse. The annual membership fee for Add-in Providers is
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Membership in the Eclipse community allows organizations to leverage
the resources of the community and achieve a higher return on their
investment in Eclipse. Eclipse members are offered a unique opportunity to
understand the <A
href="AIP_technical_Benefits.htm">trends and
directions </A>of the Eclipse technology and participate in <A
programs</A> that drive potential users to the members&#8217; offerings. <BR>
<a href="How2Join%20Eclipse%20Rights%20by%20Membership%20Category.pdf">Eclipse
Rights by Membership Category</a> for further details.
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<P><STRONG>Steps to Join</STRONG></P>
<LI>Please complete the
<a href="Membership%20Application.pdf">application
form</a> [<a href="Membership%20Application.doc">.doc]</a>.
<LI>Complete and sign the
<a href="../documents/Eclipse%20MEMBERSHIP%20AGMT%202005_06_16%20Final.pdf">membership
agreement</a> and
<a href="../documents/Eclipse%20Logo%20Agreement%20%202004_04_14%20final.pdf">logo
agreement. </a>
<LI>Email the completed application form, members
agreement and logo
agreements to <A
href=""></A>. The
membership application will be reviewed by the Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
to assure the prospective member meets the
membership criteria and is
consistent with other members of the same membership class.
companies will be notified by the Eclipse Foundation of the decision
within 2 to 4 days of completing the administrative process.<LI>The new member company can then issue an announcement press release,
including a supporting quote from the Eclipse Foundation. </LI></OL>
<p>See the <a href="Eclipse_Membership_Process.pdf">Eclipse
Membership Process</a> for a detailed step by step description.</TD></TR>
<TD vAlign=top align=right><img src="../../images/Adarrow.gif" border=0 height=16 width=16></TD>
<TD>Download a pdf version of the <A
Provider Members package</A>. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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<TD>The current list of Add-in Providers can be found <a href="../add_in_providers1.html">here</a>.</TD>