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<p>The QVT Declarative (QVTd) component is a partial implementation of the Core (QVTc) and Relations (QVTr) Languages defined by the
<a href="">OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation</a>.
<p>To date the QVT Declarative component provides only editing capabilities to support the QVT Declarative Languages:</p>
<li>0.7.0 provides QVT models and <a href="">LPG</a> based parsers</li>
<li>0.8.0 adds <a href="">IMP</a>-based editors.</li>
<li>0.9.0 re-engineers the models and editors to exploit <a href="">Xtext</a> and the OCL Pivot model.</li>
<p>Model execution is targetted for release in June 2013 with Kepler</p>