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# Author: Richard Gronback (with edits by Nick Boldt)
# Date: 2006-05-11
# Description: Modeling project homepage
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<td><p>When using models in tools, textual notations of modeling languages are often a great fit for describing behavior or algorithms (e.g., expressions). Textual modeling frameworks allow you to easily define domain-specific languages (DSLs) based on given EMF models. They provide support for creating tooling for these DSLs, including editors with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, etc.</p>
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Description:'Xtext is a framework for development of external textual DSLs. Just describe your very own DSL using Xtexts simple EBNF grammar language and the generator will create a parser, an AST-meta model (implemented in EMF) as well as a full-featured Eclipse Text Editor from that. The Framework integrates with technology from Eclipse Modeling such as EMF, GMF, M2T and parts of EMFT. Development with Xtext is optimized for short turn-arounds, so that adding new features to an existing DSL can be done in seconds. Still with the new version more sophisticated programming languages can be implemented.',
document.getElementById("content").innerHTML = html;
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