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 <p><a href="">Xpand</a> is a statically-typed template language featuring</p>
 	<li>polymorphic template invocation,</li>
 	<li>aspect oriented programming,</li>
 	<li>functional extensions, </li>
 	<li>a flexible type system abstraction,</li>
 	<li>model transformation, </li>
 	<li>model validation and much more</li>
 <p>It includes an <b>editor</b> which provides features like</p> 
 	<li>syntax coloring, </li>
 	<li>error highlighting, </li>
 	<li>navigation, </li>
 	<li>refactoring and </li>
 	<li>code completion.</li>
 <p>Xpand was originally developed as part of <a href="">openArchitectureWare</a> project before it became a component under eclipse.</p>
 <p>The M2T version is implemented in <a href="">TMF's Xtext</a>.</p>
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