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== Mylyn
=== Gerrit Connector
==== Build Status on Patch Sets
The status of builds triggered by a patch set is shown on that patch set instead of appearing as comments. If the Hudson/Jenkins connector is installed, users can open the test results in the JUnit view directly from the patch set. This may not work if the Gerrit trigger plugin is configured with custom messages.
==== Task to Review Traceability
The task editor contains a section showing the reviews associated with the task, and indicates which reviews have unread incoming changes.
==== Comment Threads
Inline comments are shown in threads, directly in the patch sets section in the review editor. This makes it easy to see the conversation taking place at a given line of code. Unread incoming comments are highlighed in blue.
==== Inline Comments
Inline comments can now be edited and replied to inline, without opening a separate dialog.