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<li><a href="">The Orbit
project Wiki</a>
<p>Wide collection of technical and policy information entered by
committers and the community.</p></li>
<li><a href="news://">Orbit Newsgroup</a> (or, newsgroup via web, <a href="">Orbit Forum</a>).
<p>Talk to the people using libraries in Orbit.</p></li>
<li><a href="">Mailing
<p>Talk to the people working on Orbit.</p></li>
<p>Discover the current bugs and issues in Orbit. Note that a large
amount of the activity goes on in Bugzilla. Configure your Bugzilla
account email preferences to watch the one of the Orbit inbox users (e.g., to monitor bug activity.</p></li>
<li>The Orbit code in CVS
<p>The Orbit packages (class files, and MANIFEST.MF files we create) are
hosted in the Tools project CVS repository and is available via direct CVS
access, under the <code>org.eclipse.orbit</code> directory.</p>
<p>For direct read access, use anonymous login to the CVS repo:</p>
The Orbit work goes on in the org.eclipse.orbit in folders appropriate for
the work being done. Please note that in general the code for a particular
version of a library is held in a <b>branch</b> of the related project.
This is done to accommodate multiple versions of the code library. You
should ensure that you check out the correct branch for your needs.
<li><a href="">Website</a>
<p>The Orbit website itself is hosted in a Git repository and mirrored
on a conventional HTTP server every minute or so. This allows use of PHP,
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The site is open for editing by all Orbit
committers using:</p>
<p>You can use Eclipse to check out the whole site and then edit and
commit. Remember your changes will take a minute or so to be reflected in
the real site.</p></li>
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