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<title>Red Hat Eclipse Presentation</title>
<h1>Red Hat Eclipse Presentation</h1>
<br><h2> <A HREF="sld001.htm">Click here to start</A>
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<h3><u>Table of Contents</u></h3>
<P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="sld001.htm">Michael Tiemann,Red Hat CTO.</A></P>
<P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="sld002.htm">Red Hat, Inc.</A></P>
<P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="sld003.htm">Working with</A></P>
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<strong> Consortium page: </strong> <A HREF="../main.html"></A>
<P><A HREF="eclipse_rh.PPT"> Download presentation source (Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt file) </A>