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Juergen Geck
<LI>Born in 1967
<LI>Studied mechanical engineering in Erlangen/Germany
<LI> worked on x-ray machine projects at the university, programming image processing and machine control components in C++
<LI>Founded a company doing project work on x-ray machines for e.g. multi-layer PCB testing, structural analysis of bones etc.
<LI>Migrated into SuSE …</UL></P>
Juergen Geck at SuSE
<LI>Joined SuSE in 1997
<LI>Started managing alliance accounts in 1998
<LI>Responsible for all Strategic Alliances in SuSE since 1999
<LI>Became appointed head of the Technology Partners Business Unit in 2001.</UL></P>
Juergen Geck, .</UL></P>
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