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<name> Jay Jay Billings </name>
<title> <![CDATA[Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory]]> </title>
<email>jayjaybillings at</email>
<eclipse_affiliation> <![CDATA[
Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment Project Lead<br>
Eclipse Science Working Group Steering Committee Chair
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<vision> <![CDATA[
<p>I think that the most amazing thing about Eclipse is the way that it has grown beyond an IDE and now even beyond the RCP.
While the establishment of the Working Groups has broadened Eclipse’s reach into new areas such as automotives, science and
location technologies to name a few, new projects that make the developer experience even better continue to expand the platform
as a whole at an amazing rate. The way I see it, this growth is being driven by one thing: Eclipse’s amazing community.</p>
<p>As your committer representative I will strive to serve and help this great community by improving the experience and
meeting the needs of all committers, whether they be committers from large projects with big backers or individual committers
who are just starting out. I will...
<li><b>For established projects</b>, identify the areas where your committers are having the most trouble
and help to fix or improve their experience.</li>
<li><b>For committers in new projects</b>, I will help you navigate the sea of processes
surrounding contributions, releases, third party content and, perhaps most importantly, get you the help you need as fast
as possible when I can not provide it.</li>
<li><b>Work with the rest of the board</b> to reach out to the community and clarify
many rules and policies that are commonly found to be confusing or limiting.</li>
<li><b>Work with the rest of the board and the community</b> to continue to identify ways that streamline the development
on Eclipse projects. Recent examples include allowing GitHub issues for projects and not requiring CQs from committers on
other projects, which are two great examples of what I believe to be a much larger set of ways we can help <b>YOU</b> work on Eclipse!</li>
<li><b>For everyone</b>, I will
tackle the issue of using LGPL licensed software in Eclipse projects, which is the single greatest complaint that I hear
from old and new committers, since the restriction of such software slows down progress in established projects and severely
dampens growth in the working groups. I will work with the Foundation to find a way to discuss this openly at an upcoming EclipseCon.</li>
<p>I believe that community service is important and that it is the only thing that leads to healthy communities. It is
clearly the reason why Eclipse has thrived. So, while I am a relatively new committer and project lead - arguably still
having a lot to learn about the community myself - I am ready to serve you and I believe that I can help make Eclipse even
better as your committer representative.</p>
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<bio> <![CDATA[
<p>I am a member of the research staff in the Computer Science Research Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in
Oak Ridge, TN. I have the privilege of leading the ten person Integrated Computational Environments Team, which
focuses on the development of large-scale, next-generation modeling and simulation technologies for the U.S. Department of Energy and
other sponsors. I am a founding member of the Eclipse Science Working group as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s
representative on its steering committee. I hold the M.S. in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Tennessee and
I am currently an Energy Science and Engineering Ph.D. candidate in the University’s Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary
Research and Graduate Education. I stopped counting the number of scientific publications I have a few years ago when I
realized that I was writing way more code than papers!</p>
<p>In my few hours of spare time each week, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family and friends; singing and hacking just about anything I can find..</p>
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<affiliation> <![CDATA[
Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory<br>
Ph.D. Candidate, the University of Tennessee