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<name>Kai Hudalla</name>
<title>Chief Software Architect</title>
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Californium committer
leshan committer
Hono project lead
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My personal involvement in open source software development has really lifted off
just one and a half years ago when I was part of a small team of people at
Bosch Software Innovations who realized that the Internet of Things we are interested
in is not one that is controlled by a few large players in the IT market.
In the past I had perceived the Eclipse community as being centered mainly around
the IDE and other development tools & technologies. Many of the foundation's processes
and policies still reflect the necessities and assumptions for making the development
of this technology as easy as possible (which is a great achievement), e.g. the wording
used in guidelines and policies often refers to the "Product" (meaning the IDE) and
"Plug-ins" to be the artifacts being released.
What I would like to do is represent the perspective of projects, like
those under the iot top level project, that do not necessarily deliver their software
by means of standard Eclipse P2 repos distributing plug-ins for the IDE but instead use e.g. Maven
Central as their main distribution channel to deliver their artifacts in the form of libraries
that are used to build other systems. We also see more and more projects finding a home
in the Eclipse community that do not even use Java as the programming language of choice.
I would also like to help finding the best way the Eclipse Foundation can attract such projects and
support them in efficiently delivering their software within the safe legal framework the
foundation provides.
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Kai has been working at Bosch on solutions for the Internet of Things in application domains
like smart home, energy management, e-mobility and automotive long before the term
has reached its recent popularity and ubiquity. He is an active committer on several Eclipse IoT projects
and has just recently started the Hono project together with other members from the community,
aiming at providing an integration platform for connecting millions of devices to the cloud.
Kai holds a degree in Mathematics from University of Hannover in Germany and enjoys playing a
round of Golf whenever wheather conditions permit.
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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH