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<name>Dani Megert</name>
<title>Senior Software Architect </title>
<email>daniel_megert at </email>
<p>I am involved in several councils, lead projects, and am an active committer in many projects.
See details <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
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<p>Being part of the Eclipse ecosystem since day one and being an active committer in various projects until today, my main goal as
committer representative will be to further disburden the live of fellow committers. Among those things are improved tool support and
fighting for less legal overhead, like updating copyright notices on each commit and simplifying the CLA signing process.</p>
<p>It is crucial to find good contributors that at some point become valuable committers. From my personal experience gaining commit rights in
other projects, every project has subtle differences which can shy away contributors. For example there are many How To Contribute wiki pages
which slightly differ. I'd like to see a common template that can be extended by individual projects.</p>
<p>As your committer representative I will have an open door for everyone and help to resolve any barrier that is blocking your work,
either personally, or by taking it to the board.</p>
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<p>Dani started his work on Eclipse even before it was open sourced in 2001 and hence is one of the initial Eclipse Project committers.
He leads the Platform and the JDT subprojects, represents the project in the Eclipse Planning Council, and is also a a member of the Eclipse
Architecture Council. Dani worked at OTI and now works at IBM Research GmbH. His interests include user interface and API design, editors, software quality and performance.</p>
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IBM Research GmbH