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<name>Matthias Zimmermann</name>
<title>Head Open Source, BSI Business Systems Integration AG</title>
<email>matthias.zimmermann at</email>
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Eclipse Scout Project Lead
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Eclipse is a great community for a wide variety of reasons.
What is fundamentally driving the success of the Eclipse ecosystem are the contributors and committers of the individual
Eclipse projects and their corresponding Eclipse members.
To continue the success story of Eclipse it is not enough to keep the existing community happy.
The future of the whole Eclipse community is linked to its ability to convince other open source projects that it is the best possible home for them too.
In 2010 our company decided to host the Scout framework at the Eclipse foundation.
For us this has been an excellent choice and I strongly believe that our experienced benefits can add substantial value to many other companies as well.
As a sustaining member representative I will have the following main items on my agenda.
First, I would like to contribute time and energy to help spread the word that Eclipse is a first class home for open source projects beyond RCP or even Java.
In discussions with customers and prospects I frequently face the strong belief that Eclipse is an IDE and maybe general purpose RCP platform.
This misconception of the goal and purpose of the Eclipse foundation is harmful for the future of Eclipse and needs to be corrected.
Second, I would like to push for an improved user experience regarding the communication channels of the Eclipse foundation.
The tools currently available to the communities and projects do not seem to match well with today's state of the art.
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Matthias has joined BSI in 2006 and was mostly working in the role of a project manager.
He has played an important role in convincing BSI to open source its <a href="" target="_blank">Scout</a> framework at Eclipse and
has been co-lead of the Scout project since 2010.
Over the last years he has focused on growing the open source community and increasing the commercial adoption of the Scout framework.
In addition, he is a founding member of the <a href="" target="_blank">Swiss Eclipse User Group</a>
and is involved in organizing Eclipse events in Zurich and Munich.
Matthias holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Bern in Switzerland and enjoys having time with his family, tinkering
with IoT and giving flying lessons.
You find him via <a target="_blank" href="">@ZimMatthias</a>.
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<affiliation> <![CDATA[
<a target="_blank" href="">BSI Business Systems Integration</a> and
<a target="_blank" href="">Eclipse Scout</a>/
<a target="_blank" href="">@EclipseScout</a>