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== Docker Tools
=== Update of Docker Client
The level of the underlying `com.spotify.docker.client` plug-in used to access the Docker daemon has been upgraded to 6.1.1.
=== New Security Options
Support has been added when launching commands in a Container to specify a security option profile. This can be done in lieu of specifying privileged mode. For example, to run `gdbserver`, one can specify `seccomp:unprofiled` to allow `ptrace` commands to be run by the `gdb` server.
The _Run Image Wizard_ has been modified to allow specifying an unconfined `seccomp` profile to replace the default `seccomp` profile.
The security options are also now shown in the _Properties View_.
== Linux Tools
=== Systemtap Console hyperlinks
Hyperlinks are created in the run console for navigation to `\*.stp` or `*.h/c` files if paths to them are printed during the run.
=== Error view removed
It was used as a replacement for the missing console hyperlinks to make navigation possible to locations in the code where the error/warning appeared. Now that proper hyperlinks support is added this one is simply useless. Removing the view reduces confusion with PDE's _Error_ view as well.
=== Opcontrol support removed
Support for opcontrol based profiling has been removed. It is not shipped with oprofile for years and there was no easy way to verify it still works.