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<title>Photran Release Notes</title>
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Welcome to Photran 5.0!</b></font>
<p><i>Wondering how to get started?</i>
<p><b><font color="#595791">&raquo;</font></b> Read the <a href="">
User's Guide</a> to learn about Photran's various features
<p><b><font color="#595791">&raquo;</font></b> Join the <a href="">Photran
mailing List</a> to discuss with other Photran users
<p><b><font color="#595791">&raquo;</font></b> Join the <a href="">ptp-announce
mailing List</a> to be notified of new releases&nbsp;
<p><b><font color="#595791">&raquo;</font></b> Find the answers
to <a href="">Frequently
Asked Questions</a></td>
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