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<h3>Photran 7.0</h3>
<p>Photran 7.0 is part of the Eclipse Indigo release train, along with <a target="_blank" href="">PTP 5.0</a>.
Eclipse 3.6 (Indigo) was released on June 23, 2010.
A list of new features is available in the <a target="_blank" href="">New &amp; Noteworthy</a>,
and comprehensive <a target="_blank" href="">documentation</a>
is available.
<p><b>Photran 7 requires Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) and CDT 8.0.</b>
<li>If you have not installed Photran before, or if you run into any problems during installation, please read the
<a href="">installation instructions</a>.
<li>If you are familiar with the installation procedure, Photran can be installed from the Eclipse Indigo update site:<br>
<p>Please also join the <b><a href="">Photran mailing list</a></b>;
if you have any problems installing or using Photran, that is a great place to ask for help.
<p><small>Old versions are available in the <a href="download-archive.php">Photran Download Archive</a>.</small></p>
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