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<h3>Photran (Eclipse Fortran Development Tooling)</h3>
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<p>Photran is an integrated development environment and refactoring tool for
Fortran based on <a href="" target="_blank">Eclipse</a>.
It supports Fortran 77-2008 and includes 31 refactorings, including Rename,
Extract Procedure, and several loop transformations.</p>
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<h4>Another Feature</h4>
<p>When working with MyProject, great things happen, and one of them is described here.</p>
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<h4>Another Feature</h4>
<p>When working with MyProject, great things happen, and one of them is described here.</p>
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<h4>User Experience</h4>
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is a bit wider and can contain more words, even small logos or graphics to describe a neat feature in more detail.</p>
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<h4>and much more...</h4>
<p>Read the MyProject <a href="/project/documentation.php">documentation</a> and join the discussion at the <a href="">forum</a> to understand how powerful MyProject is.</p>
<p> Want to know more? <a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=my.project">About This Project</a>
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<h3>Current Release</h3>
<p>Photran 7.0 was released with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) on June 22, 2011.</p>
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<li><a href="">What's New in Photran 7</a></li>
<li><a href="download.php">Download Photran</a></li>