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<p>Photran is primarily being developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
although we have received many valuable contributions from elsewhere.
In alphabetical order by last name...</p>
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<h3>Active Committers and Contributors</h3>
<li>Matt Fotzler, UIUC - PTP integration</li>
<li>Bill Hilliard, Intel - Managed build support (Intel Fortran)</li>
<li><a href="">Ralph Johnson</a>, UIUC - Principal investigator</li>
<li>Kurt Hendle - Refactorings, editor folding</li>
<li>Matthew Michelotti, UIUC - C preprocessor support</li>
<li>Stas Negara, UIUC - Preliminary Fortran indexer, Move Save Variables to Common Block refactoring</li>
<li><a href="">Jeff Overbey</a>, UIUC - Parser, refactoring infrastructure, refactorings, indexer/VPG, UI features, error parsers, CDT integration</li>
<li>Greg Watson, IBM - Release engineering, project lead (PTP)</li>
<!--li>David Weiner, UIUC - FRUIT integration</li-->
<li>Timofey Yuvashev, UIUC - UI features, managed build support, refactorings</li>
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<h3>Past Contributors and Committers</h3>
<li>Antonio Barbado - Spanish FAQ translation</li>
<li><a href="">Walt Brainerd</a>, <a href="">The Fortran Company</a> - F support (and more)</li>
<li>Chin Fei Cheah, UIUC - UI features, MSI package</li>
<li>Nicholas Chen, UIUC - UI features, MSI package</li>
<li>Sarah de la Cruz, UIUC (CS427 Fa07) - Find All References</li>
<li>Jeff Dammeyer, UIUC (CS427 Fa08) - Fortran Search</li>
<li>Andrew Deason, UIUC (CS427 Fa08) - Fortran Search</li>
<li>Kevin Decker, UIUC (CS427 Fa07) - Find All References</li>
<li>Joe Digiovanna, UIUC (CS427 Fa08) - Fortran Search</li>
<li>Charles Felish, UIUC (CS427 Fa07) - Find All References</li>
<li><a href="">Brian Foote</a>, UIUC</li>
<li>Feanil Patel, UIUC - Prototype Fortran debugger</li>
<li>Craig Rasmussen, LANL - Managed build support, error parsers</li>
<li>Dirk Rossow, Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft - Fixed form lexer</li>
<li>Ken Schultz, UIUC - Prototype Fortran debugger</li>
<!--li>Mikhail Sennikovsky, Intel - Managed build support (Intel Fortran)</li-->
<li>Nick Sexmith, UIUC (CS427 Fa08) - Fortran Search</li>
<li>James Shepherd, UIUC (CS427 Fa07) - Find All References</li>
<li>Shawn Temming, UIUC - Prototype Fortran debugger</li>
<!--li>Leo Treggiari, Intel - Managed build support (Intel Fortran)</li-->
<li><a href="">Spiros Xanthos</a>, UIUC</li>
<i>Special thanks to
Prof. Ralph Johnson,
Nicholas Chen,
and TAs
Dustin Bortner,
Yun Young Lee,
Maurice Rabb,
Mohsen Vakilian
for supervising contributions completed as part of CS427 (Software Engineering I) at UIUC.
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