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<h1>Eclipse Committers Emeritus</h1>
When Committers who have made significant contributions to Eclipse
become inactive and thus no longer Committers<sup>1</sup>, we want to make sure that we acknowledge their
huge contributions to our (collective) success. We choose to make that acknowledgement
by appointing them to <em>Committer Emeritus</em> status.
Our heartfelt thanks to each of these people and their
significant contributions to the long term success
of all of Eclipse.
<span style="font-color: grey">
A list of all former Committers can be found at <a href="committers-alumni.php">Committers Alumni</a>.
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<b>Project leads</b> may nominate people to this page as part of the process of
removing a committer by sending a request to the <a href="">EMO</a>.
<hr style="margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px;">
<div style="font-size: 60%"><sup>1</sup>
Being a Committer is a privilege that is earned by
contributing actively, and showing discipline and good judgment. It is a responsibility
that is not given or treated lightly. At the same
time, we acknowledge that active participation in Eclipse Projects
is not a lifetime commitment, and thus Committers may/will become
inactive for a variety of reasons.
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