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<p>The goal of the Callisto Simultaneous Release is to release ten major Eclipse
projects at the same time.
We are doing this simultaneous release to support the needs of the ecosystem
members who integrate Eclipse frameworks into their own software and products.
While those product producers naturally accept the ultimate responsibility for their
customers' experiences, Callisto's goal is to eliminate uncertainity about
project version numbers, and thus to allow ecosystem members to start their
own integration, cross-project, and cross-product testing efforts earlier.
Callisto is about improving the productivity of
the developers working on top of Eclipse frameworks by providing a more
transparent and predictable development cycle; Callisto is about developers
helping developers serve the whole Eclipse community.</p>
<p><em>While Callisto is about the simultaneous release of ten projects, it is
is not a unification of the projects - each project remains a
separate open source project operating with its own project leadership,
its own committers, and its own project plan.</em></p>
<h2>Status of Projects Included In The Release</h2>
<p>The Callisto Simultaneous Release projects are working on testing their M5 milestones
and on bug fixes for their RC0 release candidates.</p>
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<h2><a name="Installing">Downloading and Using The Callisto Simultaneous Release</a></h2>
<li>Download and install the <a href="">appropriate Platform Runtime Binary</a>
("3.2 Stream Stable Builds" > "3.2M5a" > "Platform Runtime Binary" > choose your OS). </li>
<li>Use the update manager with the pre-installed <a href="">Callisto update site</a>.<br/>
<em>(The update site infrastructure is described on <a href="">this wiki page</a>).</em> </li>
<li>Download any or all Callisto Feature(s) using the Update Manager. </li>
<li>Use and Enjoy.</li>
<p>Tutorials and documentation to help you get started with each of the Callisto projects:
<?php foreach( $infos as $info ) {
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<a href="<?= $url ?>">Get started with <?= $info->get_name() ?></a>
<?php } else { ?>
<em><?= $info->get_name() ?> - no getting started information</em>
<?php } ?>
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<h2>Great Bugs Contest</h2>
<p>We are having a contest for great Callisto bug reports and we're giving away
T-shirts, iPods, and an Eclipse-brand mountain bike. Read about what consistitutes
a <a href="/projects/callisto-files/callisto-bug-contest.php">great Callisto bug report</a> and
<a href="/projects/callisto-files/callisto-bug-contest.php">the simple contest guidelines/rules</a>.
The goal, of course, is to encourage the larger community to find Callisto bugs - bugs
that are at the intersection and integration of projects.</p>
<div align="center"><a href="/projects/callisto-files/callisto-bug-contest.php"><img src="/projects/callisto-files/callisto-shirt-crop.png"/></a></div>
<p>Projects that are part of Callisto agree to abide by the following requirements:
<li>The projects in the Callisto Simultaneous Release <b>must</b> work together. </li>
<li>All Callisto projects <em>should</em> have jar'ed plug-ins because this is good Eclipse citizenship.</li>
<li>All Callisto projects <em>should</em> use Eclipse message bundles, not Java bundles because this is a good Eclipse citizenship.</li>
<li>All Callisto projects <b>must</b> use ICU4J by RC0.</li>
<li>All Callisto projects <b>must</b> use capabilities.</li>
<li>All Callisto projects <b>must</b> have their own functional project update site - the Callisto site
will reference these sites, not replace them.</li>
<li>All Callisto projects <b>must</b> use <a href="">4-part version numbers</a> by M5.</li>
<h2>Milestone and Release Candidate Schedule</h2>
<h3>M5 (17-Feb .. 3-Mar)</h3>
<p>M5 is the API Freeze a.k.a. API Complete milestone.
All projects except EMF, GEF, and VE have agreed to freeze their API at M5.
<li>17-Feb - Platform</li>
<li>24-Feb - CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE</li>
<li>3-Mar - BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP M5</li>
<h3>Announce Callisto (20-Mar)</h3>
<p>20-23 Mar: Announce Callisto Simultaneous Release at EclipseCon and ask for the community's help with testing. </p>
<h3>RC0 (1-Apr .. 14-Apr)</h3>
<li>1-Apr - Platform</li>
<li>7-Apr - CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE</li>
<li>14-Apr - BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP</li>
<h3>RC1 (14-Apr)</h3>
<p>Starting with RC1, each project will apply its own ramp-down rules. </p>
<h3>RC2 (28-Apr)</h3>
<h3>RC3 (12-May)</h3>
<h3>RC4 (26-May)</h3>
<h3>RC5 (16-Jun)</h3>
<h3>RC6 (28-Jun)</h3>
<h2>Planning and Coordination</h2>
<p>The Callisto Simultaneous Release is being planned and managed by the <a href="/org/foundation/council.php">Planning Council</a>.
The Council intends to hold coordination conference calls as follows (minutes to be posted here):
<em>613.287.8000 -or- 866.362.7064<br>
passcode 874551#</em>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.02.03">3-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status</a> </li>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.02.10">10-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status</a> </li>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.02.17">17-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status</a> </li>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.02.24">24-Feb 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status</a> </li>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.03.03">3-Mar 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoM5 status</a> </li>
<li> <a href="callisto.php?key=2006.03.10">10-Mar 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoRC0 status</a> </li>
<li> 19-Mar 6-8pm - face-to-face at EclipseCon; RC0 status</li>
<li> 24-Mar 8am PT/11am ET - CallistoRC0 status </li>
<li> 12-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC1 status </li>
<li> 19-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC2 status </li>
<li> 26-Apr 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC2 status </li>
<li> 3-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC3 status </li>
<li> 10-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC3 status </li>
<li> 17-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC4 status </li>
<li> 24-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC4 status </li>
<li> 31-May 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC5 status </li>
<li> 7-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC5 status </li>
<li> 14-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC6 status </li>
<li> 21-Jun 9am PT/noon ET - CallistoRC6 status </li>
<p>The Council has established the <a href=""></a>
mailing list for, obviously, any cross project issues that arise.</p>
<p>From <a href="">The Ten Planets</a>: <em>Callisto seems to have
little internal structure; however there are signs
from recent Galileo data that the interior materials have settled
partially, with the percentage of rock increasing toward the center.</em> </p>
<h2>How It Works</h2>
<p>The <em>Summary</em> sections of this page are produced from the
<code>&lt;summary paragraph-url="..."&gt;</code> information of the
<a href="/projects/dev_process/project-status-infrastructure.php">project-info.xml file of the
project status information</a>.
The <em>Downloading and Using</em> sections of this page are
produced from the <code>&lt;getting-started url="..."&gt;</code> information
of that same project-info.xml file.
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