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<ul><li>Each and every great bug report receives an <a href="callisto-shirt.png">"I Helped Callisto" T-Shirt</a>. (That's an eclipse
of the Sun by Jupiter as seen from the surface of the moon Callisto.)
<center><img src="callisto-shirt-crop.png"></center>
<li><img src="ipod.gif" align="right" hspace="3" vspace="3">At every milestone and release candidate, a random drawing amongst all the great bugs submitted in
that milestone/release candidate will receive an iPod.
<li>Upon the final Callisto Simultaneous Release, a random drawing over all the great bugs submitted will
receive an Eclipse mountain bike.
<p align="center" style="border: thin dotted;">
<a href="/projects/callisto.php#Installing">How to install Callisto</a></p>
<h2>The Callisto Guide to Great Bug Reports</h2>
<p>We are having a contest for great <a href="/projects/callisto.php">Callisto</a> bug reports. That means that we need to say a few
words about what we are looking for. We will keep this simple so that it is easy to apply. We'll
also point to a few other resources about filing good reports because we know it is not a simple subject.
Here are the two things to think about when filing a great Callisto bug report:
<img src="ladybug_flying_70x70.gif" align="left" hspace="5" vspace="3">
Of course we want action when we find a bug. Much about reporting has to do with getting the right thing done
without a lot of wasted work on your part or anyone else. This division of work is a deal. If you
want action, take action. Do what you think others should do and see if your report will guide them there.
The ultimate is to find the bug, write the test, fix the bug and pass the test. That's action, but
not the only valued action. Since so much about Callisto is about integration. Try reproducing the bug in
various configurations. This can take time, of course. But you have one failing configuration already and
that is one more than anyone else.
<img src="value_70x70.gif" align="left" hspace="5" vspace="3">
We also want our actions to be valuable. A fixed bug is always valuable, but is it the best value
for everyone's time, even yours? The trick to finding valuable bugs is to look efficiently. Now I'm
going to assume that we're actually looking, not just stumbling across a bug and reporting it, not that there
is anything wrong with that.
But when looking for bugs you have to choose to use Callisto like someone other
than yourself. You must observe what that person sees and you have to judge what problems are
important to them. A label alignment problem might indicate careless design to this user, but
having that fixed is not a valuable as correcting wrong answers to possibly foolish operations that most of us
have already learned not to do. Keep a notepad handy and keep track of paths or operations that you
haven't tried, or areas that look suspicious but maybe not high value and therefore lower priority in your search.
<h3>A Big Win</h3>
So that's the formula: action + value. We're looking for great bugs that move smothly through triage
and lead developers to action that proves valuable. We're asking developers to think about each bug
in terms of action and value and to bring the best of them to the attention of the Foundation (see "How It Works" below).
We'll do something nice for these bug authors and include them in a drawing for something even nicer.
But the big win for all of us is a really nice system in the end.
<h2>How It Works</h2>
<li>Any developer who sees a great <a href="/projects/callisto.php">Callisto</a> bug marks that bug with
the <b><code>greatbug</code></b> keyword.</li>
<li>The PMC leads and project leads of the ten Callisto projects regularly (weekly?) query their
project for <code>greatbug</code> marked bugs.</li>
<li>If the project lead / PMC lead agrees that this is
a great bug - a bug report that provides both <b>action</b> and <b>value</b> then he or she
forwards the bug to</li>
<li>The EMO handles the operational side of mailing T-shirts, iPods, and (at the end) the bicycle.</li>
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