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require_once "/home/data/httpd/eclipse-php-classes/system/dbconnection.class.php";
$db_connection = new DBConnection();
$db_handle = $db_connection->connect();
echo "<HTML>\n<HEAD><TITLE>Test page</TITLE></HEAD>\n";
echo "<BODY>\n<H1>Test2</H1>\n";
//$query = "SELECT * FROM mailing_lists WHERE is_private <> 1";
$query = "SELECT * FROM mailing_list_stats WHERE list_name LIKE 'alf%'";
//$query = "SELECT total_member_count FROM mailing_list_stats WHERE summary_date = DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND (list_name = \"ajdt-dev\")";
//$query = "SELECT SUM(total_member_count) AS tot_count FROM mailing_list_stats WHERE summary_date >= DATE_SUB(\"2005-10-05\", INTERVAL 7 DAY) AND list_name = \"ajdt-dev\"";
echo $query."<br>";
$res = mysql_query($query,$db_handle);
while($a = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))
// echo "Total Member Count: ".$a['total_member_count'];
echo "Name: ".$a['list_name']." Summary date: ".$a['summary_date']." Daily post count: ".$a['daily_post_count']." Member count: ".$a['total_member_count']."<br>";
// echo "List name: ".$a['list_name']." Description: ".$a['list_description']."<br>";
// echo "Count: ".$a['tot_count']."<br>";
echo "</BODY></HTML>";
$db_handle = null;
$db_connection = null;