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<h1>technology project infrastructure
(aka &quot;Barn Raising&quot;)</h1><br>
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<p>This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the <a href="/projects/dev_process/">Eclipse
Development Process document</a>) and is written to declare the intent
and scope of a proposed Technology PMC Project called the Eclipse
Technology Project Infrastructure Project (TPI), also know as the
&quot;Barn Raising&quot; project. In addition, this proposal is written
to solicit additional participation and inputs from the Eclipse community.
You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send all
feedback to the <a href=""></a>
newsgroup. </p>
TPI's focus is to provide an easy to use common infrastructure for Eclipse
Technology Projects so that each technology project can focus more on
developing and delivering their unique aspects and less on the common
tasks of actually delivering Eclipse based technology. This should reduce
the sysadmin overhead for each project allowing more technology projects
to be better served with fewer resources. Our first goal is to provide
hardware and software for a continuous build environment for technology
projects. There may be other goals that arise as we proceed or it may turn
out that this is the only goal and the project is terminated when the goal
has been achieved.
Currently, each Eclipse Technology Project must spend time
and energy developing their own infrastructure for building and testing
their code. Much of this infrastructure is similar from project to project
and should only need to be developed once and reused by all technology
projects. Properly configured technology projects would automatically
participate in this continuous build process. Our first goal is to
configure a continuous build environment including:
<li>Cruise Control&nbsp;</li>
<li>an Ant based build infrastructure&nbsp;</li>
<li>a schema based process for validating build scripts&nbsp;</li>
<li>an Eclipse machine for building and testing technology
<li>a web, xml, and/or email based interface for reviewing build and
test results&nbsp;</li>
<li>an automated process for moving successful builds to the eclipse
download server&nbsp;</li>
<li>an example project containing and utilizing all elements of the
build infrastructure to continuously &quot;prove&quot; the build
system and provide a sample for others to follow</li>
<p>We want this process as &quot;hands-off&quot; as possible, so there are
several challenges we face including</p>
<li>how technology projects need to be configured to
&quot;automatically&quot; participate&nbsp;</li>
<li>what build script validation is necessary before a build&nbsp;</li>
<li>how to detect and recover from runaway builds&nbsp;</li>
<li>how do smaller and larger projects participate together so that
larger projects do not dominate the build machine.</li>
<p>If you are interested in participating, please take part
in the newsgroup discussions or ask to be added to the list of interested
parties. So far we have:</p>
<p>Naci Dai, Eteration<br>
Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation<br>
Mik Kersten, UBC<br>
Pete Mackie, Seaquest<br>
Dan Rubel, Instantiations<br>
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