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<h2><a name="R4E">R4E 0.13 Release</a></h2>
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<b>Compare review items </b>
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<p align="left">It is possible to compare two arbitrary Review Items
that are included in the same Review. Typically this will be
used to see the differences between two versions of a given code
change. In order to do this, select two Review Items in the Review
Navigator (using Ctrl-Left click or Shift-Left click) and then
right click on one of the items and select the "Compare Review
Items" command from the context menu.</p>
<img border="0" src="../new/images/0.13/CompareReviewItems.png">
<p align="left">This will open a Structural Compare Editor that will
show the files versions that are different. The file that belong
to the most recently committed Review Item will always be the
target files (on the left side) and the files belonging to the
oldest Review Item will be the base files (on the right side).</p>
<img border="0" src="../new/images/0.13/CompareReviewItemsEditor.png">
<p align="left">Finally, it is possible to navigate through the
annotations by using the Next Annotation/Previous Annotation
global eclipse commands, or by using the new Next Open Anomaly/
Previous Open Anomaly commands in the compare editor toolbar menu </p>