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<h6>Getting started</h6>
<li><a href="">User's Guide</a></li>
<li><a href="">What's RTSC-Pedia?</a></li>
<li><a href="">High-Level FAQs</a></li>
<li><a href="">Project Proposal (archived)</a></li>
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The <b><a href="">Real-Time Software Components (RTSC)</a></b>
project provides foundational tools and low-level runtime content to enable
component-based development using the C language targeting <I>all</I> embedded platforms.
While other component technologies exist for embedded systems, RTSC
is unique in that it scales down to highly resource constrained embedded
systems including DSPs and 16-bit micro-controllers. In addition, RTSC
components have a "dual existance": in addition to embedded
target code, they include code that executes on a rich client platform
to help manage the component's <I>entire</I> lifecycle - from building the
component to monitoring the real-time operation of the component within
a deployed application. This dual existance enables RTSC components to
fully leverage Eclipse infrastructure without incurring overhead on the
embedded platform.
The starting point for the RTSC project will include the XDCtools currently available from Texas
Instruments as a free <a href="">download</a>.
By making these tools freely and openly available, we hope to foster
deeper levels of integration with the Eclipse platform, encourage adoption of RTSC by eliminating the
understandable fears of proprietary ties to Texas Instruments, and bring modern component-based development
tools to the embedded C programmer.
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