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<h1>Project Plan</h1>
All previous releases and milestones are documented in the <a href="plan_archive.php">project plan archive</a>.
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<h3>SMILA Version 1.2</h3>
This release was published on April, 17th 2013.
<li>Apache Tika integration - extracting text from binary content</li>
<li>JDBC-Crawler: Splitting functionality for scaling</li>
<li>Web-Crawling enhancements (robots.txt, boilerpipe integration)</li>
<li>Cluster setup tutorial</li>
<h3>Further plans</h3>
<li>HDFS objectstore</li>
<li>Solr 4 integration/clustering</li>
<li>Alternative (Scripting) engine for synchronous workflows</li>
<li>Basic MapReduce support</li>
<li>General configuration management</li>
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