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<h3>Primary Links</h3>
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Eclipse TCF Distribution, Software Install Site</a></li>
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Tutorials, Examples, Videos, Reference Documentation</a></li>
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Bug Tracker, Forum</a></li>
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<h3>Eclipse TCF (Target Communication Framework)</h3>
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The TCF Project provides a modular service-based communication system for building control, debug, and analysis
tools for embedded systems. TCF clients and services can discover each other at run-time, providing for streamlined
out-of-box experience. TCF uses a single communication link for all tooling needs, simplifying target communications
setup and ensuring a consistent view of the target state.
TCF can intelligently cache data on the host, reducing communication overhead and improving run-time performance.
A reference Eclipse view is available today to help you get started, as well as a complete C/C++ debugger for Linux.
The lightweight reference agent under EDL / BSD license is easy to port to other environments such as
hardware debuggers, trace units or simulators. Language bindings are available for a range of languages,
including C, Java, Python, and Lua, on both the host and the target side.
See the <a href="">TCF Wiki</a> for details.</p>
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<h3>Current Status</h3>
<p>TCF 1.3 is released with Eclipse Mars, June 2015.</p>
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<h3>TCF Terminals</h3>
<p><i>April 25, 2014 -</i>TCF Terminals has been restructured and is now on the <a href="">Marketplace</a>.
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TCF Debug supports ARM</h3>
<p><i>March 25, 2013 -</i>Initial <a href="">
ARM debugging support</a> has been added to TCF. Look at the <a href="">Raspberry Pi HOWTO</a>.
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<h3>TCF Testimonials</h3>
By replacing a gdb based debugger with TCF, Xilinx has increased the performance
of basic debugger commands up to 50 times, while providing a much more stable product.<br/>
The modular and asynchronous approach of TCF is so compelling that we are moving
over our JTAG tools to use the same framework.</i><br/><br/>
&mdash; Tomas Evensen, Chief Scientist Embedded Software, Xilinx</p>