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The Technology project has been somewhat overwhelmed by the increase in sub-project.
The number of sub-projects has doubled from twelve to twenty-four in 2005. In addition,
three inactive projects were archived.
The project's current focus is on increasing the "liveness" of the lagging sub-projects
and on graduating the successful projects to other top-level PMCs. The Technology project
is focusing on these Themes and Priorities:
<li><b>Simple to Use</b> - The Technology PMC will be encouraging the sub-projects to work on the user experience
especially vis a vis explaining the project's underlying model to new users.</li>
<li><b>Design for Extensibility: Be a Better Platform</b> - Defining high-quality APIs is essential for the
success of Eclipse projects, thus the Technology PMC will work with the sub-project leaders to ensure that
APIs are being designed and field tested early in the development cycle.</li>
<li><b>Appealing to the Broader Community</b> - The Technology sub-projects tend to be smaller technical
explorations, but at the same time steps can be taken to broaden their exposure. The Technology PMC
will encourage the sub-projects to ensure that their frameworks interact with the other Eclipse