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       Management Committee</h2>
 	<ul class="midlist">
-	<li><b>Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation (wayne at eclipse.org) </b>(PMC 
+	<li><b>Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation (wayne at eclipse.org)</b> (PMC 
     Wayne is the Evangelist for the Eclipse Foundation. His primary role is that of
     informing people of all the exciting things that are happening in the many Eclipse
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     he has worked for The Object People, BEA, and IBM. In his &lt;sarcasm&gt;copious&lt;/sarcasm&gt; 
     spare time Wayne spends time driving his kids to hockey practice and studying martial arts.</li>
-	<li><b>Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation (bjorn at eclipse.org) </b><br>
+	<li><b>Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation (bjorn at eclipse.org)</b><br>
       Bjorn is the Director, Open Source Process at the 
     Eclipse Foundation. Throughout his meandering career, Bjorn has always been interested 
       programming languages and IDEs in spite of occassionally wandering away 
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       Technology PMC, John serves as the lead of the Eclipse Tools PMC.<br/></li>
       <li><b>Gunnar Wagenknecht</b><br/>
-      Gunnar is a great guy who really needs to provide us with a bio.</li>
+      Gunnar is a great guy who really needs to provide us with a bio. Gunnar 
+      represents the Technology PMC on the <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Architecture_Council">Eclipse Architecture Council</a>.</li>