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<h2>The Technology Top-Level Project</h2>
<p>The Eclipse Technology Project encapsulates three separate activity streams,
Research, Incubators, and Education. All three streams are overseen
by a single <a href="team-leaders.php">Project Management Committee (PMC)</a>. The PMC
<a href="pmc-minutes.php">publishes its minutes</a>. The work is done
in subprojects working against a <a href="">CVS repository</a>. The Eclipse
<a href="technology-charter.html">Technology Project Charter</a> describes the organization of the
project, as well as roles and responsibilities of the participants.</p>
<a href="/projects/listofprojects.php#technology"><img src="" align="left" hspace="5" border="0"></a><p>
For a complete list of the Technology Projects, please see the
<a href="/projects/listofprojects.php#technology">"Eclipse Technology Project" section of the list of all Eclipse projects</a>.
<p>For technical discussions and questions, please go to the <a href=""> newsgroup</a>
(for access see the <a href="/newsgroups/">newsgroups page</a>). If you are are developer and
want to participate in discussions relating to the implementation of the subprojects, there
are developer <a href="/mail/">mailing lists</a> and <a href="/newsgroups/">newsgroups</a> created for each of the projects. Downloads are
available from the project pages and the <a href="/downloads/">main downloads page</a>.</p>
<h2><a href="archived.php">The Technology Project Archives</a></h2>
<p>Projects under the Eclipse Technology Project have limited lifecycles.
Unlike the other top-level Projects, the Technology Projects are meant
to be technology explorations or incubators. When these projects have
explored, proved, or disproved their associated technologies, the
project comes to its <a href="archived.php">natural end</a>. For some projects, this end is
a paper publishing the research results; for others, this end is
to be incorporated into the base technology of another top-level
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