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<title>Eclipse Standard Top-Level Charter v1.0</title>
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<title>Eclipse Research Project Top-Level</title>
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<b><span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial;
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mso-fareast-language:KO;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">The Eclipse Research Project –
Top-Level Project Charter – The Eclipse Foundation</span></b></td>
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</b>The Eclipse Research Top Level Project (the &quot;Eclipse Research
Project&quot;) is an open source software research project, which encapsulates
two related activity streams, each of which is based on or uses the Eclipse
Platform and/or code from other Eclipse Top Line Projects:&nbsp;</p>
<p>research projects sponsored by universities, public and private research
institutes, and other exploratory investigations (&quot;Research
<p>development of educational materials, teaching aids and courseware
(&quot;Education Stream&quot;)</p>
The mission of the Eclipse Research Project is to foster greater community
awareness and understanding of Eclipse (Education Stream), and to encourage the
use of Eclipse software as a platform for research, especially in domains such
as programming languages, tools, and development environments that are relevant
to other Eclipse Top Line Projects (Research Stream). By so doing, the Eclipse
Research Project will create opportunities for researchers, academics, and
educators to play a significant role within the Eclipse community.</p>
The scope of the Eclipse Research Project will encompass a wide variety of small
projects, rather than a few large ones. While anticipating enormous diversity in
the content of these activities, from a process-oriented viewpoint they will all
share important common characteristics, which argues for a common approach to
<li>Focus on pre-competitive development and research</li>
<li>Use of informal development processes</li>
<li>Fluid project tracking due to frequent plan changes</li>
<li>Flexible milestones which adapt based on partial results</li>
<li>Small teams</li>
<li>Resource commitments tentative, due to volunteer labor or lack of sponsor
<li>Development often cross-cuts the scope of several other Eclipse Foundation
<li>Limited lifespan due to intent to explore and validate an idea, then
graduate or disband</li>
<p>The Eclipse Research Project serves as a single point of focus for such
teams, and provides them with a home within the Eclipse community, to encourage
communication, and where appropriate, collaboration and coordination. Providing
common management for these Projects facilitates maximum sharing and creation of
common components, and avoids redundant efforts. In many cases successful
Research Projects will evolve into incubators in Eclipse Technology Project. </p>
<p>The Education Stream plays a vital role in promoting the use of the Eclipse
Platform. By making high quality educational materials freely available, we both
enable self-education by individual users, and facilitate the incorporation of
Eclipse-related materials into university courses and commercial educational
<p><b>Other Terms<br>
</b>This Charter inherits all terms not otherwise defined herein from the &quot;<a href="">Eclipse
Standard Charter v1.0</a>&quot;. This includes, but is not limited to, sections
on the Program Management Committee, Roles, Project Organization, The
Development Process, and Licensing.</p>
<p><b>Project Management Committee <br>
</b>Changes from the &quot;<a href="">Eclipse
Standard Charter v1.0</a>&quot; are:</p>
<li>Providing the leadership and vision to guide the Project's overall
direction in a manner consistent with the <strike>Eclipse Foundation
Architectural Roadmap</strike> Eclipse Foundation's goals. </li>
<p><b>The Development Process <br>
</b>Changes from the &quot;<a href="">Eclipse
Standard Charter v1.0</a>&quot; are: </p>
<p>Research projects typically do not have as well-defined development plans as
product projects do. However, it is still important that Projects under the
Research Top-Level Project have a defined and publicly available release plan so
as to help interested parties track the progress of the research.
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