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   It delivers IDE components and a framework for developing Hybrid Mobile Applications on the Eclipse platform. The delivered IDE components 
   support the <a href="">Apache Cordova</a> framework, but they are extendible to support 
   Apache Cordova distributions and other frameworks</p>
-    <h2>Features Overview</h2>
-  <h3>Develop mobile apps that run on iOS or Android</h3>
+  <h2>Features Overview</h2>
+  <h3>iOS, Android and Windows Phone</h3>
   <p>Through Apache Cordova integration, deploy to a variety of devices. You can develop using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but get access to the native device APIs</p>
   <h3>Supports multiple Cordova Engines</h3>
   <p>Download and do maintenance on one version and target new development on a new version</p>
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   <p>Discover and install Cordova Plug-ins from a registry to your Hybrid Mobile projects</p>
   <h3>And many more...</h3>
   <p>Missing a feature? Start <a href="">contributing</a> or file an enhancement <a href="">request</a></p>
+  <h2>Adopters</h2>
+  <p>Thym is used by these tools to provide cross-platform mobile development</p>
+  <ul>
+    <li><a href="">JBoss Developer Studio</a></li>
+    <li><a href="">Zend Studio</a></li>
+  </ul>
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