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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<plan xmlns="" xmlns:html=""
name="Visual Editor for XML" plan-format="1.0">
<release projectid="mylyn.docx.vex" version="1.0"/>
<html:div>The Visual Editor for XML is a set of plug-ins that provide
WYSIWYM editing ability for XML files, regardless of the XML
involved. Vex uses CSS stylesheets to provide the formatting for the
presentation layer. All that is needed is a stylesheet and an
appropriate XML file to edit. It hides the XML tags from the users,
allows them to have a word processor like experience but store the
information in the native XML format.</html:div>
<html:div>Vex is based off of a contribution from the original Vex
project created by John Krasnay and hosted at In the
year 2008 this code was donated to Eclipse and has been an Eclipse
Web Tools Incubator component. In 2011, the project moved under the
hoods of the Mylyn Docs project.</html:div>
<milestone date="2010-11-18" milestone="1.0.0 M3"/>
<milestone date="2010-12-13" milestone="1.0.0 M4"/>
<milestone date="2011-03-15" milestone="1.0.0 M6"/>
<milestone date="2011-05-03" milestone="1.0.0 M7"/>
<milestone date="2012-01-04" milestone="1.0.0 M8"/>
<milestone date="2012-05-29" milestone="1.0.0 M9"/>
<milestone date="2012-09" milestone="1.0.0"/>
<milestone date="2012-12" milestone="1.1.0"/>
<html:li>Java 5 or later.</html:li>
<html:li>Eclipse 3.5 or a later release of the Eclipse 3
<html:li><html:i>Eclipse 4 already seems to work, will be fully
supported in the future.</html:i></html:li>
<html:div>Only English translation files, however all strings are
externalized for translation in a future release.</html:div>
<html:div>Versions prior to 1.0.0 M8 used other package names
(org.eclipse.wtp.vex.*). Older plug-in descriptors and customizations
have to be converted manually to use the new package names
<theme name="Full support of the XML infoset">
<html:li>Processing Instructions</html:li>
<theme name="Support for common XML specifications">
<html:li>XML Inclusions</html:li>
<theme name="Support for common XML document types">
<html:div>Support for</html:div>
<html:div>Support for</html:div>
<theme name="API stabilization">
<html:div>The VexWidget should be usable as standalone widget for
structured text (not necessarily XML). An example will be provided,
which uses the VexWidget for editing WikiText.</html:div>
<theme name="Usability">
<html:div>One of the main &quot;unique selling points&quot; of Vex
is to provide a text processor like user interface for XML
<theme name="Building a community"/>