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This RSS feed contains the latest news from the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project. The
Eclipse WTP project contains Web tools and frameworks for the Eclipse platform.
Copyright (c) 2001, 2004 IBM Corporation and others.
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are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
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IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
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<a href="">WTP Milestone M3</a> available for download! M3 contains Web
services and ejb tools, and flexible project layouts.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 23, 2005</title><description>
Six new Web service tutorials posted on the <a href="">community page</a>.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 22, 2005</title><description>
<a href="" target="_top"><img src="" border="0"/></a><br/>BEA Joins Eclipse Foundation as a Board Member and Strategic Developer; Elected as Lead for Web Tools Platform Project. <a href=";FP=/content/news_events/press_releases/2005&amp;ref=PR1" target="_top">Read the complete press release here</a>.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 22, 2005</title><description>
<a href="">WTP Roadmap</a> posted.
This document outlines the plan for WTP 1.0, WTP 1.1, and beyond.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 21, 2005</title><description>
<a href="">Developing the WTP with Eclipse</a> tutorial posted.
This tutorial provides an introduction to WTP plug-in development using Eclipse.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 15, 2005</title><description>
<a href="">Help Wanted</a> page posted.
If you would like to contribute to the project, read this page to find work items.
</description></item><item><title>Feb. 08, 2005</title><description>
<a href="">Eclipse API Scanner</a> posted.
Learn how to describe the API of a component and scan plug-ins for API violations.
</description></item><item><title>Jan. 24, 2005</title><description>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/></a><br/>
The WTP team is presenting three technical sessions, a tutorial, and
a project sprint at <a href="" target="_blank">EclipseCon</a>. This is a great opportunity to meet the
people and learn about the project. Feb 28th-Mar 1st.
</description></item><item><title>Jan. 24, 2005</title><description>
<a href="">Building a Student Schedule Web Application tutorial</a> posted.
</description></item><item><title>Jan. 24, 2005</title><description>
XML Schema Editor demo <a href="">viewlet</a> posted.
</description></item><item><title>Jan. 24, 2005</title><description>
WTP site updated!
</description></item><item><title>Dec. 23, 2004</title><description>
<a href="">Milestone M2</a> available for download.