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<title>Common tools</title>
<h1>Common tools project</h1>
<h2>Project overview</h2>
The common component contains common utilities and
infrastructure which are required by the Web Tools Platform
project, but which are not specific to web tooling. The most
notable examples are Facet APIs, Validation, the Snippets View,
and an Extensible URI Resolver. These components may make
use of the prerequisites for WTP itself, such as
EMF/SDO/XSD, GEF, and DTP, but require no WTP plug-ins from
outside of the Common project.
<a href="/webtools/wst/components/common/overview/snippets/overview.html">Snippets View</a>
<a href="/webtools/wst/components/validation/ValidationOverview.html">Validation</a>
<li>Extensible URI Resolver</li>
This project overview page is still evolving, so
please check back regularly for the most up-to-date
information on the Common Tools project.