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<title>An Eclipse Web Tools Platform subproject</title>
<h1>Web services tools</h1>
<h2>Project Overview</h2>
The JST Web services component contains tools for developing and interacting
with Java Web services. It consists of:</p>
<li>extensible Web services wizards for creating Web service and Web services client wizards for
consumming Web service,</li>
<li>Web services Ant tasks for creating and consumming Web services,</li>
<li>wizard extensions for the
<a href="">Apache Axis v1.4</a> and
<a href="">Apache Axis2</a>
Web service runtimes.</li>
The WST Web services component contains tools for Web services development which is not Java
specific. It consists of:</p>
<li>Web services preferences pages,</li>
<li>Web services frameworks such as the creation framework and finder framework,</li>
<li>Web Services Explorer, a Web application that let you discover and publish to UDDI,
and invoke a WSDL/WSIL via native XML.</li>
<li>WSDL model</li>
<li>WSDL Editor</li>
<li>WSDL and WS-I validator</li>
<h2>Development Resources</h2>
<p>The Web Services tutorials for creating Web services, using the Web Services Explorer, and
using the WSDL Editor can be found in the
<a href="">
Web services section of the tutorial</a>.</p>
<li>Web Services tools wiki</li>
<p>The Web services tools <a href="">
wiki</a> is used to discuss items related to the Web services tools project in WTP. </p>