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pluginName=Eclipse e4 SDK (Incubation)
productName=e4 SDK
productBlurb=e4 SDK\n\
Version: July 2010\n\
Build id: {0}\n\
(c) Copyright Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2010. All rights reserved.\n\
This product includes software developed by the\n\
Apache Software Foundation
productIntroTitle = Welcome to e4
productIntroBrandingText = Eclipse Project
introDescription-overview = The e4 SDK includes all the software required to develop and run
experimental technology from the e4 incubator
introDescription-tutorials = Learn how to be productive using Eclipse by completing end-to-end tutorials that will guide you along the way.
introDescription-samples = Explore Eclipse by installing prefabricated samples (may require Internet connection).
shortcut.overview.tooltip = Overview
shortcut.tutorials.tooltip = Tutorials
shortcut.samples.tooltip = Samples
shortcut.whatsnew.tooltip = What's New