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Model Declaration
This model description is not a real EMF artifact. It was generated by the
org.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator plug-in to illustrate how EMF's
code generator can be extended.
This can be disabled with -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator=false.
Package declaration <>
Class NamedElement
Attribute name : EString<<1..1>>
Class Operations
Reference operations : Operation<<0..*>>
Attribute code : EString
Operation getOperation(EString) : Operation
Class Operation -> NamedElement
Reference operations : Operations<<1..1>>
Attribute label : EString<<1..1>>
Attribute description : EString
Reference parameters : Parameter<<0..*>>
Reference /mainParameter : Parameter
Reference constraints : Constraint<<0..*>>
Reference /mainConstraints : Constraint<<0..*>>
Reference variables : Variable<<0..*>>
Operation getParameter(EString) : Parameter
Operation getVariable(EString) : Variable
Class Placeholder -> TypedElement, NamedElement
Attribute initExpression : EString
Class Parameter -> Placeholder
Reference operation : Operation<<1..1>>
Attribute main : EBoolean
Attribute description : EString
Attribute required : EBoolean
Class Variable -> Placeholder
Reference operation : Operation<<1..1>>
Class Constraint -> NamedElement
Reference operation : Operation<<1..1>>
Attribute main : EBoolean
Attribute booleanExpression : EString<<1..1>>
Class TypedElement
Attribute many : EBoolean
Reference /classifier : EClassifier
Attribute classifierName : EString<<1..1>>