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 * *Public License* The module must be available under the "Eclipse Public License 2.0".
 * *Availability* The source code of the module must be accessible to any interested person/company.
-Therefore the project is published at
+Therefore the project is published at
 === Technical Constraints
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 ==== Libraries
-TODO: Bibliotheken des Frontends ergaenzen
+|Dependency  |Reason for Usage
+|@angular/* libraries  |Comes with Angular
+|classlist.js, core-js, rxjs, web-animations-js, zone.js  |Comes with Angular
+|@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap  |This dependency provides a load of different bootstrap/angular components. Mostly we use the datepicker/timepicker but some other components found it's way into the application as well.
+|ag-grid, ag-grid-angular  |This library is used to display tables. It provides functionality like filtering out of the box. This library was preferred by the Product Owner and therefore we used it.
+|bootstrap  |As we want a responsive application in general there is no way around bootstrap in these days. Therefore we put it into our application.
+|font-awesome  |To make our app more appealing to the users we are using font-awesome to get range of nice icons into our application.
+|primeng/primeicons|PrimeNG is a huge library which offers different angular components like multiselect boxes, context menu or toast messages. These components are part of our application.
 TODO: Pfad zu den Datein (Bibliotheken) ergaenzen.
 The used libraries can be found here:
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+|2018-05-29|Fontend Framework|We chose to use the current version of Angular (6.1.0) in order to have a stable environment. An older version like Angular 4 was no option since the newer version has several bugfixes and optimizations. Angular JS was no alternative for us.
+|2018-05-29|Fontend Buildmechanism|We decided to stay as close to the native and recommended build mechanism as possible. Therefore we are using Angular CLI as our build- and testtool. We opposed to use Maven for Frontendbuild as this brings additional complexity into the build process and is far away from the recommended and accepted way in the community.
 |2018-05-29|Fontend - Backend - DB|At this point the module is splitted in 3 different projects. 
 - Frontend: Angular with cli build
 - Backend: Java with Maven build
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 Frontend and Backend have different components but at this point it would not make much sense to modulize them. (Diffenrent .jars, for example, would be more effort than benefit.) 
 |2018-05-29|Camunda BPM|Camunda BPM is used as BPMN engine to route processes.
 |2018-05-29|Tools and APIs|The technical constraints are documented in the 02_architecture_constraints.adoc and defined in the backend (spbe) pom.xml
-|2018-05-29|ng2-daterangepicker|The source code of the date picker openK prefered is not maintained since 10 month. The last change was an ugrade to angular 4. Because the Standby Planning module uses angular 6 we decide not to use this date picker.   
+|2018-05-29|ng2-daterangepicker|The source code of the date picker openK prefered is not maintained since 10 month. The last change was an ugrade to angular 4. Because the Standby Planning module uses angular 6 we decide not to use this date picker. Instead we chose to use the datepicker from ng-bootstrap ( which is well maintained.
+|2018-06-14|AG-Grid for tables|The Product Owner preferred the usage of AG-Grid in this Project. As we did not see any disadvantages we agreed and used AG-Grid from now on. The alternative standard HTML-Tables were therefore obsolete.
 |2018-06-29|no use of bom.xml|A bom.xml is not needed as long no further modularization is needed for the backend modul. The pom.xml file is enough to describe the external used .jars.
+|2018-10-23|Standard HTML Tables for View "Abfrage aktuelle Bereitschaft"|For the View "Abfrage aktuelle Bereitschaft" it was required that it is responsive in order to use it on mobile devices and on Computers. We couldn´t get the AG-Grid responsive and therefore asked the Product Owner to use Standard HTML Tables. He agreed - (
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 * Copyright © 2018 Mettenmeier GmbH.
 * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
 * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
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 = openKonsequenz "StandbyPlanning" - How to run the module
 :Date: 2018-06-07