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<h2>Mylar Manual Tests</h2>
<li><b>&nbsp;</b>Help &gt; Help Contents &gt; Mylar &gt; New and Noteworthy&nbsp;&nbsp;
[ ensure updated ]</li>
<p><b>Bugzilla Client</b></p>
<li>Bug Editor Hyperlinking - <font color="#FF6600">URL Hyperlinks</font>, Bug hyperlinks (bug# 123, bug 12312, duplicate bug links), stack trace file links</li>
<li>Ensure that when offline reports still open correctly.</li>
<li>Test of Search &gt; Search... &gt; Bugzilla Search tab
<li>Requires that a bugzilla repository is
configured in the Mylar Task Repositories view</li>
<li>Test opening non-local report</li>
<li>Test opening report with local task</li>
<li>Test Bugzilla Query Wizard</li><ul>
<li>Create new query</li>
<li>Open query to see that parameters are still there</li>
<li>Check for error handling (enter invalid number in max returned etc)</li>
<li>New Bug submission (valid credentials)<ul>
<li>Test new bug submission for each Bugzilla server version</li>
<li>New Bug submission (invalid credentials)<ul>
<li>Remove username and password from a repository configuration in the
Task Repositories view</li>
<li>Initiate new repository task action</li>
<li>Select repository with missing credentials</li>
<li>After product selection user is presented with dialog:<ul>
<li>Login credentials missing. Ensure proper repository configuration in
Task Repositories view.</li>
<li><font color="#FF0000">Bug Compare (ensure priority attribute works)</font></li>
<li>New Bug submission (invalid password)<ul>
<li>Make repository password invalid in Task Repositories view.</li>
<li>Initiate new repository task action.</li>
<li>Select repository with invalid password</li>
<li>Error Dialog presented on product update or selection of Next: The
user name or password you entered is not valid...</li>
<li>Submission of changes to a Bugzilla report should result in all
parent queries being re-synchronized as well as the task itself being
<li>Make sure submission of comment doesn't remove
<li>Submission of changes to existing bug with invalid repository
<li>Mylar Bugzilla Client Dialog: Bugzilla could not post your bug since your login name or password is incorrect.
Ensure proper repository configuration in Task Repositories view.</li>
<li>Synchronize Reports (invalid userid and password)<ul>
<li>Report Download Failed Dialog: Ensure proper repository
configuration in Task Repositories view.</li>
<li><font color="#FF0000">Product configuration caching</font><ul>
<li><font color="#FF0000">Run new bug wizard</font></li>
<li><font color="#FF0000">Restart, rerun, products should appear immediately</font></li>
<li>Reports &gt; Task list notification<ul>
<li>Open, modify, save, should have outgoing decorator<ul>
<li>Case synchronize: should get option to override local changes<ul>
<li>If overriding, overlay and changes go away</li>
<li>If no override, get conflict icon to show</li>
<li>Case open: should retain outgoing overlay</li>
<li>Case edit and save again: outgoing overlay remains (should
not receive conflict warning)</li>
<li>Case submit: outgoing overlay should disappear (should be no incoming
upon synchronize)</li>
<li>Task in CONFLICT state<ul>
<li>Case open: remains with conflict decorator</li>
<li>Case synchronize: should get option to override local changes<ul>
<li>Case overriding: overlay and changes go away</li>
<li>Case no override: changes remain, conflict decorator appears</li>
<li>Case edit: Currently state switches to OUTGOING which is
correct for now because we migrate their comment into the new
<li>Query hits not yet downloaded<ul>
<li>Case open: report downloaded (task icon appears), no decoration</li>
<li>Case synchronize: query hit remains not downloaded,
<font color="#FF0000">no decoration</font><br>&nbsp;</li>
<li>Open report&nbsp; in external editor and add a comment.<ul>
<li>Case synchronize: incoming decoration should appear on task
<font color="#FF0000">[Broken under Linux]</font><ul>
<li>Case open: task opens with new content, no decoration</li>
<li>Case open (bug editor already open):&nbsp;
User presented with dialog asking if they want to reopen
with latest version</li>
<li>Case Background Synchronization incoming state remains</li>
<li>Case open: task opens with offline content, user asked if
they want to refresh with incoming content.<br>&nbsp;</li>
<li>Open, modify, save, should have outgoing decorator, open report in
external browser, add comment<ul>
<li>Case open: Outgoing decorator remains</li>
<li>Case Submit: Dialog:Possible problem posting Bugzilla report... HTML
mid-air collision dialog (outgoing state remains)<ul>
<li><font color="#FF0000">Editor should be placed in
CONFLICT state upon mid air collision</font></li>
<li>Case synchronize: should get option to override local changes<ul>
<li>If overriding, overlay and changes go away</li>
<li>If no override, get conflict icon to show<br>&nbsp;</li>
<li>Copy report to a local category, repeat above tests ensuring
decoration always </li>
<li>Copy report to root category, repeat tests ensuring decoration
always matches</li>
<li>Ensure that when offline reports file is deleted, tasks don't
suddenly all have incoming status upon synchronizing</li>
<li>Reports &gt; Outline View<ul>
<li>Clicking on comments in outline view should cause Bugzilla editor to
scroll to respective bug on page.</li>
<p><b>Task List</b></p>
<li>File -&gt; Export -&gt; Mylar Task Data: ensure it works</li>
<li>File -&gt; Import -&gt; Mylar Task Data:<ul>
<li>Test importing with task in active state</li>
<li>Make a task, make it active, move it to the
archive - file should remain visible in task list</li>
<li>Task List Auto-Archive</li>
<li>Addition and removal of files from change sets</li>
<li>Mylar context sensitive JUnit unit tests</li>
<li>Ensure internal browser tab can be disabled (via preferences)</li>
<p><b>SDK Integration</b></p>
<li>Problems view</li>
<li>Eclipse native tasks view</li>
<li>History view -> context menu -> Open Corresponding Task</li>
<li>Run JUnit context test without interesting tests: should get message</li>
<li>Run JUnit contexts test with interesting tests, should run</li>
<li>Do above for PDE JUnit tests</li>