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<title>Changes Report: Papyrus Designer</title>
<release version="1.0.2" date="2016-08-10" description="Jaguar">
<action dev="sli" type="add" issue="496481">
Reverse java feature
<action dev="sli" type="add" issue="499228">
Java state-based incremental code generation
<action dev="ar" type="add" issue="496485">
IDL generation from interfaces, datatypes and classes (components)
<action dev="vcp" type="fix" issue="497394">
Fix state-machine generation for pseudo states
<action dev="ar" type="add" issue="496934">
Provide model library for a subset of the C++ standard template library
<release version="1.0.1" date="2016-06-22" description="GeryElephant">
<action dev="flf" type="add" issue="496416">
Correction of an installation problem due to fix version in feature list.
<release version="1.0.0" date="2016-06-20" description="Elephant">
<action dev="sli" type="add" issue="494932">
There is now a common profile for code generation with meta-info like project name, source folder, etc... This common profile thus lets the user customize where and how code is generated. The common profile is handled by both the Java and C++ generators.
<release version="0.7.0" date="2016-04-05" description="Girafe">
<action dev="sli" type="add" issue="491025">
[Codegen Java] New Java code generator, profile, and library
<action dev="sli" type="add" issue="487526">
[Reverse C++] New C++ to UML reverse plugins
<action dev="flefevre" type="fix" issue="487432">
[designer][releng] migrate the feature from extra to designer