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<title>SWT - Controls Example</title>
<h2>Example - SWT Controls</h2>
<p>This example is a simple demonstration of common Standard Widget Toolkit
(SWT) UI controls.&nbsp; It consists of a shell and tab folder where each
tab in the folder allows the user to interact with a control.
<h3>Running the example</h3>
<p>To run the Controls Example, pull down the Perspective menu, select the
Show View menu item, then select Other from the submenu.&nbsp; A dialog
will come up with a list of views.&nbsp; Expand SWT Examples and select
the view named Controls.&nbsp; A view containing a number of tabbed pages
will appear.
<p>Each page (tab) of the controls example allows the user to interact with
a different SWT control.&nbsp; The name of the control being demonstrated
on each page is on the tab.
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