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<title>SWT - OLE Web Browser</title>
<h2>Example - OLE Web Browser</h2>
<p>This example demonstrates how to embed Active X / OLE controls into an
SWT application or an Eclipse view.&nbsp; When the view is activated, it
will create an instance of a Windows "Shell.Explorer" control and provide
a GUI interface to it via OLE Automation.&nbsp; To run this example, Internet
Explorer must be installed.
<h3>Running the example</h3>
<p>To run the OLE Web Browser Example, pull down the Perspective menu, select the
Show View menu item, then select Other from the submenu.&nbsp; A dialog
will come up with a list of views.&nbsp; Expand SWT Examples and select
the view named OLE Web Browser.&nbsp; A view containing an editor that
appears similar to your default web browser will appear.
<p>The OLE Web Browser has Back and Forward buttons to take you to recently
visited pages.&nbsp; The browser also contains a Home button to take you
to the web browser's home page, a Stop button which stops the current transfer,
a Search button which will search for text typed in the Address text field,
and a Refresh button which re-draws the contents of the currently displayed
page.&nbsp; There is also a Go button which, when clicked, will attempt
to load the page specified in the Address field.&nbsp; One would expect
each of these operations on every web browser.
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