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launchcategory.SWTWin32OnlyExamples.description = \
A collection of Standard Widget Toolkit examples for Windows systems only. = OLE Web Browser
launchitem.OLEWebBrowserExample.description = \
This example demonstrates how to embed Active X / OLE controls into an SWT \
application or an Eclipse view.\n\n\
When the view is activated, it will create an instance of a Windows "Shell.Explorer" \
control and provide a GUI interface to it via OLE Automation. The OLE Web Browser has \
Back and Forward buttons to take you to recently visited pages. The browser also contains \
a Home button to take you to the web browser's home page, a Stop button which stops the \
current transfer, a Search button which will search for text typed in the Address text field, and \
a Refresh button which re-draws the contents of the currently displayed page. There is also a \
Go button which, when clicked, will attempt to load the page specified in the Address field. \
One would expect each of these operations on every web browser.\n\n\
To run this example, Internet Explorer must be installed.
browser.Back.text = Backward
browser.Back.tooltip = Surf to previously viewed Web site
browser.Forward.text = Forward
browser.Forward.tooltip = Surf to next viewed Web site
browser.Home.text = Home
browser.Home.tooltip = Surf to home Web site
browser.Stop.text = Stop
browser.Stop.tooltip = Stop loading current Web site
browser.Refresh.text = Refresh
browser.Refresh.tooltip = Refresh current Web site
browser.Search.text = Search
browser.Search.tooltip = Search the Web
browser.Address.label = Address :
browser.Go.text = Go
browser.State.Uninitialized.text = Not ready.
browser.State.Loading.text = Loading Web site...
browser.State.Loaded.text = Ready.
browser.State.Interactive.text = Loading Web site...
browser.State.Complete.text = Done.
error.CouldNotLoadResources = Unable to load resources
error.CouldNotCreateBrowserControl = Unable to create <<Browser Control>>