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<title>SWT - Paint Example</title>
<h2>Example - Paint Example</h2>
<p>This example demonstrates the use of SWT graphics operations in the form
of a rudimentary bitmap painting program.&nbsp; The Airbrush Tool implementation also
demonstrates a mechanism for managing timed GUI operations in the background
that are triggered by user input (see
<h3>Running the example</h3>
<p>To run the Paint Example, pull down the Perspective menu, select the Show
View menu item, then select Other from the submenu.&nbsp; A dialog will
come up with a list of views.&nbsp; Expand SWT Examples and select the
view named Paint.&nbsp; A view containing a drawing area, various toolbar
buttons, and a color selection palette will appear.
<p>Select a tool with which to draw in the drawing area.&nbsp; There are a
number of tools to choose from on the toolbar.&nbsp; To change the color selection,
click on a color in the palette below the drawing area:
left-click for the foreground color, right-click for the background color.
<p>Uses SWT's GC and FontDialog, and JFace's InputDialog and action set support.
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