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<title>SWT - Explorer Example</title>
<h2>Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Standalone Example - Hover Help</h2>
<p>The Hover Help example shows how to implement custom tooltips and
hover help support on a number of different SWT controls including
Buttons, TableItems, ToolItems and TreeItems.
<h3>Running the example</h3>
<p>If the Example Launcher is installed, select the Hover Help item from the Standalone category and click Run.&nbsp;
Otherwise, install and run the example manually as per the
<a href="swt_manual_setup.html">Standalone Examples Manual Setup</a> instructions.&nbsp; The executable class is
<p>The example implements its own tooltip and hover help support.&nbsp; To see
the custom tooltips in action, hover over an item or button in the UI.&nbsp;
Notice that images appear in the left-hand corner of the tooltip, unlike
standard SWT tooltips created using setToolTip() on those widgets
that natively support them.&nbsp; To see the custom hover help in action,
hover over an item or button in the UI as before until the tooltip
is displayed.&nbsp; Without moving the pointer, hit F1.&nbsp; A new Shell will
pop up with the extended hover help information for the UI element
in question.
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